Choosing the Best Seat at Red Rocks Amphitheatre: A Guide for Concertgoers

When attending a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the right seat can greatly enhance your overall experience. With its iconic natural beauty and unique acoustics, Red Rocks offers a variety of seating options for concert attendees. In this blog, we’ll provide insights into the different seating areas and help you choose the best place to sit at Red Rocks for a concert.

1. Lower Reserved Seats

Located closest to the stage, the lower reserved seats offer an up-close and intimate experience with the performers. These seats provide excellent sightlines and put you in the heart of the action. The lower rows of the reserved section are often considered prime seating for those who want to be fully immersed in the concert.

2. Upper Reserved Seats

As you move up the amphitheater, you’ll find the upper reserved seats. While not as close to the stage, these seats offer a panoramic view of the entire venue. From this vantage point, you can take in the breathtaking natural surroundings, including the famous red rock formations. The sound quality remains exceptional in the upper reserved section, making it a popular choice for many concertgoers.

3. General Admission Seats

For a more laid-back and free-spirited experience, the general admission seating area at Red Rocks is a fantastic option. Here, you can bring your own blankets or low-back chairs to set up on the terraced steps. The general admission section allows for more mobility and gives you the freedom to find a comfortable spot that suits your preferences.

Tips for Choosing the Best Seat

  1. Consider your preferences: Are you more focused on being close to the stage or having a panoramic view of the entire venue? Determine what matters most to you in terms of your concert experience.
  2. Acoustics: Red Rocks Amphitheatre is renowned for its exceptional acoustics. If sound quality is a priority for you, opt for seats nearer to the center of the venue, where the audio is typically optimized.
  3. Weather considerations: Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary at Red Rocks. If you’re concerned about rain or excessive sun, consider choosing a seat with some coverage or bring appropriate gear like a raincoat or hat.
  4. Budget: Seat prices can vary depending on the event and seating section. Determine a budget range that you’re comfortable with and explore seat availability within that range.


Choosing the best seat at Red Rocks Amphitheatre depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desired concert experience. Whether you prefer an up-close view of the performers, a panoramic view of the entire venue, or a more casual setting in the general admission area, Red Rocks offers options to suit different tastes. Consider these factors when selecting your seat and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable concert experience at this legendary venue.

Image of Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating

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