For those seeking an elevated concert experience at Red Rocks Amphitheater, VIP entrances provide exclusive perks and streamlined access. In this blog post, we’ll explore the VIP entrance options at Red Rocks, helping you plan your VIP experience and make the most of your time at this iconic venue.

  1. Lower North Lot VIP Entrance:
    The Lower North Lot VIP entrance is located towards the north side of the venue. This entrance provides VIP ticket holders with closer proximity to the parking lot, making it convenient for those arriving by car. From here, you will have access to a dedicated VIP area with premium amenities and services tailored for your comfort.
  2. Upper South Lot VIP Entrance:
    The Upper South Lot VIP entrance is an alternative option for VIP ticket holders who prefer to park closer to the upper area of the amphitheater. This entrance provides a more direct route to the VIP amenities and offers a separate experience from the general audience. From this entrance, you can access exclusive lounges, bars, and seating areas.
  3. Trading Post VIP Entrance:
    For those who plan to arrive on foot from nearby hiking or biking trails, the Trading Post VIP entrance is a convenient option. This entrance grants you access to the VIP amenities and services while enjoying the natural surroundings of Red Rocks. Take advantage of this entrance’s proximity to the trading post museum and gift shop for a truly immersive experience.
  4. VIP Check-In Process:
    Upon reaching the designated VIP entrance, you will be directed towards the dedicated VIP check-in area. This process ensures that VIP ticket holders receive their credentials, wristbands, or passes for exclusive access. Be prepared to present your tickets or any necessary identification to expedite the check-in process and start enjoying the VIP treatment.
  5. VIP Amenities and Services:
    Once inside the VIP area, you can take advantage of a range of amenities and services specially curated to enhance your concert experience. Enjoy exclusive lounges, bars with premium beverage options, comfortable seating areas, and access to private restrooms. These amenities ensure that you have a luxurious and enjoyable time at Red Rocks.
  6. Additional VIP Benefits:
    In addition to the VIP entrance and exclusive amenities, VIP ticket holders often have additional benefits such as early entry to the venue, dedicated parking areas, and priority access to merchandise. These perks contribute to a seamless and memorable VIP experience at Red Rocks.

The VIP entrances at Red Rocks Amphitheater provide an elevated concert experience with exclusive amenities and services. Whether you choose the Lower North Lot, Upper South Lot, or Trading Post VIP entrance, you can look forward to a streamlined check-in process and access to premium facilities. Embrace the VIP treatment and make the most of your time at this renowned venue.

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