The Red Rocks Shuttle Dropoff Points: A Guide to Arriving at the Amphitheatre

For music enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a must-see destination. Attending a concert or event at this iconic venue is an unforgettable experience, but it’s important to plan your transportation in advance to ensure a smooth arrival. The Red Rocks Shuttle is a popular option for reaching the venue, but where exactly does it drop you off? In this blog, we’ll explore the Red Rocks Shuttle dropoff points to help you prepare for your visit.

Red Rocks Park and Ride

The Red Rocks Shuttle primarily operates from the Red Rocks Park and Ride, located at 905 Bear Creek Ave, Morrison, CO 80465[1]. This designated pickup location is conveniently located near the venue, making it a quick and effortless commute. For those traveling from Boulder or Denver-metro area, this may be the most accessible option to reach the shuttle.

Union Station

For those traveling from downtown Denver, the Red Rocks Shuttle also offers a pick-up location at Union Station[1]. This transportation hub connects to various public transportation options, making it a convenient and accessible starting point for a hassle-free journey to Red Rocks.

Colorado Mills Mall

In addition to Red Rocks Park and Ride and Union Station, the Red Rocks Shuttle offers a third pickup location at the Colorado Mills Mall[2] in Lakewood. This location is a suitable option for those traveling from the Lakewood, Golden, and West Denver areas. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to grab a bite to eat or do a little shopping before heading to the concert.

Dropoff at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Regardless of the pickup location, all Red Rocks Shuttle riders get dropped off directly at Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s entrance[1]. This ensures a short and convenient walk to the venue, giving you more time to enjoy the stunning views and vibrant atmosphere.

Beyond the Shuttle

It’s important to note that the Red Rocks Shuttle is not the only transportation option available to reach the amphitheater. Public transportation, ride-sharing services, private shuttles, and carpooling are all viable alternatives depending on your preferences and needs. If you choose one of these options, be aware of the designated dropoff locations and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth arrival.


The Red Rocks Shuttle is a convenient and effective way to reach Red Rocks Amphitheatre. With designated pickup locations at Red Rocks Park and Ride, Union Station, and Colorado Mills Mall, riders can quickly and effortlessly arrive at the amphitheater. Plus, all riders are dropped off directly at the venue entrance, ensuring a short and easy walk to the concert or event. Regardless of how you choose to arrive, planning ahead and considering dropoff points will ensure a hassle-free arrival, allowing you to fully enjoy the magic of Red Rocks.


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