Red Rocks Amphitheater FAQ

An Uber can run you over $100, Or for $399 you can get:

  • Upgraded SUV
  • Transportation to and From Red Rocks 
  • Room For up to 6 Passengers
  • Liquor Store – stop
  • Bluetooth, Chairs and a Cooler Included
  • Upper North Lot
  • Tailgate Host / Driver 
  • We wait for you, so you may leave your stuff
  • No walking up and down the hill 

We park in the upper north lot, the locals' favorite spot to park and tailgate at Red Rocks.  If you look on the map you can see the different locations available to park, as well as different landmarks around the ampatheater. 

 Everyone parties in the lot and for the most part it's pretty unregulated, with the exception of glass – do not bring glass. Other than that you are welcome to bring any alcohol in non glass containers and enjoy   your beverages responsibly in the parking lot before the show.

Red Rocks is a large park and amphitheater, and there can be a lot of walking when attending a Red Rocks event.

 We park as close to the top as we can in the upper north lot, minimizing the amount of steep climbing you will have to do and ensuring the easiest entry and exit possible.  

  • Empty, reusable water bottles e.g., Nalgene bottles, Camelbaks, aluminum bottles (32 oz. or less)

  • Food for personal consumption only; food must be in a clear plastic bag (one gallon or less), fruit and vegetables must be sliced, plastic utensils only

  • Binoculars

  • Blankets, must not extend beyond your ticketed seating area (max size 40″ x 60″)

  • Stadium seats and seat cushions (must be under 18″ wide, cannot have legs)

  • Personal cameras without removable lenses, unless prohibited by show

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  • Glass bottles/objects or aluminum cans

  • Laser pointers

  • Audio or video recording devices, GoPros, 360-degree cameras, and cameras with removable lenses

  • Selfie sticks

  • Weapons of any kind (e.g. guns, knives, chains, studded/spiked jewelry)

  • Totems (self-crafted, decorated sticks or poles)

  • Bullhorns and noisemakers

  • Tarps

  • Umbrellas

  • Hula hoops

  • Animals (with the exception of service animals as defined by the ADA)

  • Gum

  • Full face masks/helmets which obscure the identity of the wearer

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In the Red Rocks parking lots, there are actually many easily accessed bathrooms. 

In the Upper North lot, where we aim to park, there is a large bathroom facility, as well as a row of port-a-pots.

The lower lots have port-a-pots in each, and the Trading Post has indoor bathroom facilities.

Inside Red Rocks, there are bathrooms at the top and bottom of the venue.


Download now on iOS and Android for all access to one of the most iconic venues in the world. From purchasing and managing your tickets, to touchless digital entry, weather alerts, park and venue maps, visitor tips and special offers, the official Red Rocks app is a handy tool to have 

Layers are key to an enjoyable Red Rocks experience. 

The weather changes rapidly and unexpectedly in Colorado, and Red Rocks seems to have its own climate!

Don't trust the temperature when/where you are picked up by your Red Rocks Shuttle -
we are going up in elevation and when the sun goes down the temperature may drop

Bring rain gear (poncho, rain coat) and a warm layer, and always wear comfortable shoes to Red Rocks!

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Yes & Yes.  Your Red Rocks Host remains with the shuttle at all times, so rest assured that your items left behind will be secure.

Factory sealed unopened water bottles are permitted, as are refillable empty water bottles (32 oz or less)

We highly suggest bringing a large, refillable water bottle.  Bring it full and be sure to consume it all before entering Red Rocks Amphitheater (they will make you pour it out if not).  This is the best way to ensure you stay hydrated during your Red Rocks concert!

We charge $299 per vehicle, which can hold up to 6 people each. This total does not include gratuity. 

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We charge you at the time of booking for the full amount 

All Sales are Final 

If there is a show scheduled, you can book for that night. All sold out shows will be listed on our home page 

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