There are 4 parking lots at red rocks. Upper and lower south, upper and lower north. 

Lower South: Party buses park here at the bottom, some make you walk all the way up to the top and some can drive you up to the top and drop you off when you are ready to go in. The scene down here is a little grimier than the other lots, and although it used to be a big party spot, now it’s the least desirable of all the parking at red rocks. 

Upper south parking lot: This is a really decent parking place, easy in and out. its also the VIP entrance. usually VIP waits at the bottom of the ramp here and a bus comes and transports you to the backstage area. The scene here is mellower and very welcoming. 

Lower North: This parking lot is not recommended, it’s a long walk to anywhere and – I dunno, just don’t. 

Upper north: This is the most coveted of all the lots, it’s at the top so there is no walking. There are real bathrooms here, we have the best view of the city and the scene can be mild to wild depending on the show. it’s a great lot to people watch and more often than not we wind up mingling around with different crowds of people  

No matter which lot you choose please do not drink and drive, if you need to leave your car at red rocks its ok, as long as you pick it up by 10 am the next day. is a transportation company that is affordable and also a good value for large or small groups. Although we do not offer individual ticket sales, only charter the entire SUV for $299. 

If you are planning a Red Rocks Trip please check out our 2023 red rocks concert schedule. 

Can you Drink at red rocks?
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