Red Rocks is not only a world-renowned music venue but also a stunning natural park. If you’re planning to set up in the parking lot at Red Rocks, it’s important to be aware of the guidelines and regulations in place. In this blog post, we will explore what type of setups are allowed in the parking lot, ensuring that you have a pleasant and compliant experience during your visit.

1. Tailgating:
Tailgating is permitted in designated areas of the Red Rocks parking lot. It is an enjoyable way to socialize and prepare for an event. However, it’s important to follow the rules and guidelines established by the park management. Some basic guidelines include:

2. Tents and Canopies:
Setting up tents or canopies is allowed in designated areas of the Red Rocks parking lot. These shade structures can provide respite from the sun or light rain showers. When setting up tents or canopies, it’s important to keep the following guidelines in mind:

3. Tailgate Parties and Amplified Sound:
Tailgate parties at Red Rocks are a popular way to enjoy events and create a festive atmosphere. However, amplified sound is not permitted in the parking lot. This means that playing loud music or using speakers at high volume is not allowed. It’s important to be respectful of other visitors, as excessive noise can disrupt the enjoyment of the park and the surrounding area.

4. Overnight Parking and Camping:
Overnight parking and camping are generally not allowed in the Red Rocks parking lot. It’s important to plan accordingly and make arrangements for accommodations outside the park if needed. There are various campgrounds and lodging options in the surrounding area that can provide suitable overnight stays.

Setting up in the Red Rocks parking lot can enhance your experience and allow for enjoyable tailgating activities. However, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the park management. Remember to be considerate of others, maintain a clean and safe setup, and avoid amplified sound. By respecting the rules, you can create a positive atmosphere and contribute to the collective enjoyment of all visitors at Red Rocks.

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