As concert-goers, we often wonder where our favorite bands and musicians spend their time before taking the stage. At Red Rocks Amphitheater, not only does the picturesque venue captivate our attention, but it also piques our curiosity about where the performers prepare and relax before delivering their unforgettable performances. In this blog post, we will explore the behind-the-scenes areas where bands typically hang out before their shows at Red Rocks, offering a glimpse into the pre-concert rituals and atmosphere that set the stage for the magic to come.

  1. Artist Green Rooms:
    Red Rocks provides designated green rooms, private spaces designed for performers to relax and prepare for their shows. These rooms are fully equipped with comfortable seating, mirrors with ample lighting for makeup and wardrobe adjustments, and refreshments to keep the artists hydrated and energized. Green rooms serve as a sanctuary for the band members, allowing them to focus and mentally prepare for their performance in a calm and comfortable environment.
  2. Backstage Areas:
    Backstage at Red Rocks is where the excitement and anticipation build up before the show. Band members can often be found mingling with crew members, tuning their instruments, and going through vocal warm-ups. The backstage areas are bustling with activity, as technicians make final adjustments to the stage setup, sound engineers fine-tune the audio, and the band’s crew prepares necessary equipment. It is here, amidst the organized chaos, that a sense of camaraderie and collaboration sets the tone for the upcoming performance.
  3. Rehearsal Spaces:
    In addition to the green rooms and backstage areas, Red Rocks offers rehearsal spaces for bands to fine-tune their performance before stepping onto the main stage. These spaces provide an opportunity for band members to run through their setlist, make any last-minute changes, and ensure that they are in sync with each other. Rehearsal spaces allow bands to address any technical issues and make adjustments to their sound, guaranteeing a seamless and polished performance for the audience.
  4. Special Gathering Spots:
    Red Rocks is known for its natural beauty and unique rock formations, making it an extraordinary backdrop for pre-show gatherings and photoshoots. Bands often take advantage of the stunning surroundings by finding picturesque locations within the venue to spend time together before stepping on stage. Whether it’s a gathering near the famous Red Rocks sign or a quiet moment by the iconic rocks, these spots provide an opportunity for the band members to connect, reflect, and enjoy the natural splendor of the venue before the whirlwind of the show begins.
  5. Exploring Red Rocks:
    With its vast outdoor space and stunning scenery, Red Rocks offers artists a chance to immerse themselves in the venue’s tranquility and natural beauty. Some band members may choose to explore the surroundings, taking walks along the various trails or enjoying a moment of solitude while soaking in the breathtaking views. This quiet time allows the artists to center themselves and find inspiration in the serenity of the amphitheater’s unique setting.

While we, as fans, anxiously await the moments when our favorite bands take the stage at Red Rocks, it’s fascinating to consider their behind-the-scenes activities and the spaces they inhabit before the show. From artist green rooms to bustling backstage areas, rehearsal spaces, and special gathering spots, these are the hidden spaces where bands shape their performance and find their own pre-show rituals. Red Rocks not only inspires these musicians through its natural beauty but also provides a supportive and vibrant environment to ensure that every concert is a memorable experience. So, the next time you attend a show at Red Rocks, take a moment to imagine the bands preparing and connecting in these behind-the-scenes spaces before they embark on an unforgettable musical journey on the main stage.

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