About Red Rocks Amphitheatre


These are details of exactly how this works. We usually pick people up at 430, the reason for this is because most shows end at midnight and we allow you about 8 hours from pickup to drop off.  If you go over on time it’s only $50 an hour extra. When your Suburban or Tahoe arrives to pick you up, we are free to take you to a liquor store, dispensary, or anywhere you might want to go. If there is extra time at the end you may not use it to go bar hopping, after red rocks we drop you off regardless of time. 

Once we arrive at Red Rocks we drive straight to the top and park in the upper north parking lot, it’s closest to the entrance and has real bathrooms. We bring chairs, a cooler, and a bluetooth speaker. Once we are all set up and ready to settle in, we take a few group photos, and tailgate before the concert. 

You head in to the concert at your leisure, we pack up the car and wait for you in the same parking spot. After the concert we drive you back to your pickup location. 

The price is $299 and you pay in full at the time of booking. It doesn’t matter if you have one person or 6 people, We do not combine groups, we will not pair you up with others and split the cost for you. We haven’t raised our prices in years. However, our drivers do rely on tips and an average gratuity is $60. 

After you book your private shuttle online, you will receive an email confirmation. Your driver will contact you the day before your event to check in and coordinate times and locations. You may call our office anytime at 720-369-6292 if you have any questions. 

All sales are final. We sell out frequently and if you cancel we are out a trip for the night and a driver isn’t able to work. Please don’t book unless you know you want to go. If your event is canceled we will refund your purchase. 

If you have more people book 2 cars, anything larger than our vehicles is not allowed to park in the general parking area. 2 cars is $598 

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